Evidence advocacy approach has been used to influence key national initiatives including the enactment of the Sexual Offenses Act 2006, establishment of other GBV Recovery Centres and the decision by the commission of inquiry into the post election violence (Waki Commission). Courtesy of the previously used information management system, GVRC has preserved evidence and information crucial to bringing those responsible for the violent acts to justice. GVRC and partners through the evidence advocacy approach realized the repeal of section 38 of the Sexual Offences Act and the gazettement of the revised Post Rape Care Form, thus, making management and legislation for survivors effective. Currently, GVRC has been engaging in discussions and offering expert opinion in relation to passing of the PADV Bill (Protection Against Domestic Violence)

Advocacy pressure Groups – GVRC is a member of National committees on GBV (National Gender and Equality Commission, National cluster on GBV, National technical working group on GBV, Task Force of the Implementation of the Sexual Offences Act 2006, Nairobi Brain Trust, Co-Convener of the Africa UNiTE-Kenya Chapter (a regional component of the UN Secretary General’s Global UNiTE Campaign that partners with the Government and other Civil Society Organizations to end Violence against Women) which are responsible for coordination of GBV activities in the country, tracking and influencing policies and sharing best practices in the sector.

You are invited to apply for the GVRC DANIDA funded programme enhancing services and advocacy on gender-based violence

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