The overaching goal of this action is to raise public awareness, stimulate behavior change and increase political support coordination and resources to respond to national issues; in relation to PREVENTION of violence against women and girls, PROMOTION of justice and ending impunity and PROVISION of services to survivors of violence.

Kenya is yet to achieve an equitable society where governance structures adequately address the gender imbalance in power and distribution of resources. So far, the country is making progress in addressing VAW and VAG exhibited via efforts in enactment of the two – third gender rule and hosting the 3rd World Conference of Women in Nairobi among others. The programme aims to offer complimentary support to the established government structures by increasing active commitement and participation in Gender Responsive Budgeting.

The action is supported by the UN Women under the Africa UNiTE Kenya Chapter umbrella; a regional component of the United Nations Secretary General’s global campaign on ending Gender Based Violence launched in January 2012. The campaign seeks to build on Africa Union’s commitments on the subject matter in the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa and the AU Protocol on Women’s Rights in Africa. GVRC is a co – convener.

Under the programme, GVRC has been able to offer capacity advancement to Members of the County Assembly on Gender Responsive Budgeting in Kiambu, Meru, Busia, Embu and Kajiado. Other activities driving this agenda are ongoing.

Advocacy on Violence against Women and Girls

April 23, 2013


UN Women



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