The ‘Zuia Noma Mtaani’ project is funded by Plan international and implemented by GVRC in Kibra constituency.  Zuia Noma Mtaani’ is a community coined term that mean prevent violence in the homes and this project, focuses on preventing online child abuse and all forms of violence of children in Kibra constituency.

The goal of the project is to reduce Violence Against Children (VAC) and enhance response interventions in Kibra constituency. GVRC and Plan international aims to raise levels of awareness that will prevent online child abuse and all forms of VAC by empowering community members, community members including parents, teachers and children.

This project also aims to provide systemic approaches to prevention and the protection of children by strengthening coordination and response systems that will improve local coordination of child protection efforts and continued provision of comprehensive medical and psychosocial support to children from Kibra constituency.

Zuia Noma Mtaani

October 12, 2018