The Become 1 in a million is a National movement championed by the Gender Violence Recovery Centre that targets to recruit and work with 1 million men, women and Children in prevention of Gender Based Violence. It is proven that prevention interventions works best when all persons are targeted as evidenced in the theory of change. The movement engages men and women on the subject of Gender Based Violence to broaden awareness & understanding across local and global communities (i.e. Mainstream campaign) to drive positive behavior change.

The Gender Violence Recovery Centre has packaged training toolkits for men, women and Children under the Become 1 in a million banner with One in a Million training reward / certification pack e.g. branding of certificate and badges for members of the movement. You can also engage with the campaign via social media like the GVRC facebook/ twitter accounts where supporters can join the movement from a distance and get to hear about upcoming events as well as receive weekly updates and opportunities to participate and collaborate with GVRC during calendar events.

Join the movement through the following links; facebook page, twitter account and the website.

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