The action contributes to eliminating all forms of violence against children in Kenya. This is supported by implementation of the National Child Protection System in eight disadvantaged urban communities in greater Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu. These are areas where girls and children with disabilities are at risk of violence not limited to sexual abuse and subjection to transactional sex.

The programme, commissioned by European Commission and Plan Denmark, facilitates joint coordination of three Kenyan partner organizations; Gender Violence Recovery Centre, Childline Kenya and Teachers Service Commission; Plan and three key government associates; the National Council for Children’s Services, the Department of Children’s Services and the Kenya Tourist Board.

GVRC contributes to realizing enhanced child protection systems where all cases of violence relating to children are responded to promptly and prevented. Implementation of the programme seeks to raise awareness on Violence against Children (VAC), establish and support community guided initiatives, and disseminate information in relation to effective Gender Based Violence management and Child Protection.

The action was commissioned in February 2014 and is ongoing.

Integrated Approach to Child Protection against Violence in Kenya

March 24, 2013



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