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Gen­der Vio­lence Recov­ery Cen­tre

The Gen­der Vio­lence Recov­ery Cen­tre (gvrc) is a non-​profit mak­ing, non-​partisan; char­i­ta­ble trust of the Nairobi Women’s Hos­pi­tal (NWH) which is a pri­vate insti­tu­tion that spe­cialises in obstet­rics and gynae­col­ogy ser­vices and seeks to pro­vide holis­tic care to women and their families.

GVRC’s main pur­pose is to bring back mean­ing to survivor’s lives and their fam­i­lies. We do this through the pro­vi­sion of free med­ical treat­ment and psy­choso­cial sup­port to sur­vivors of gen­der based vio­lence. The med­ical sup­port given is the basic treat­ment for sur­vivors of Gen­der Based Vio­lence (GBV) that includes emo­tional, phys­i­cal, sex­ual and psy­cho­log­i­cal abuse.

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